Discover the START2ACT tools for energy efficient business operation! - Part 2: On-site tools and activities

Discover the START2ACT tools for energy efficient business operation! - Part 2: On-site tools and activities

While the START2ACT mentors are already at your service*, let’s have a look at our special Training Kit which now allows you to become the next savvy energy efficiency trainer for young businesses!

START2ACT currently offers the following two on-site activities:

  • Onsite capacity building for SMEs: a threestage extensive training programme held at the premises of the company entailing a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and energy saving potential, as well as solutions to the special needs of the SMEs.
  • Mentoring for startups: a compact (about 60 minutes long) presentation held at incubators, accelerators or, if applicable, at the premises of startups to help them incorporate energy efficiency into their business plan.

The START2ACT trainers are already conducting these mentoring and capacity building sessions in the 9 partner countries all across Europe. Their expertise ensures that startups and SMEs obtain a good understanding on how to manage energy-related affairs in a timely and professional manner.

The Training Toolkit for SMEs and startups is a free-of-charge resource bundle for young businesses who would like to conduct personalized trainings on energy efficiency at their company premises. The Toolkit equips the users with all the necessary knowledge to be able to carry out the capacity building activity independently. It comprises the following three complementary tools:


The Training of Trainers manual elaborates on how to use the Handbook and the Training Kit. It can be used by employees of companies, municipalities, NGOs or other representative organizations familiar with the local business scene who are determined to increase the energy efficiency of young businesses. You can find the version for startups here, the one for SMEs here.

The Handbook prepares facilitators for the site visits and site assessments and comes also in two editions:

    • The Handbook for SMEs prepares the trainer for the three site visits, giving detailed account of preparatory tasks and on-site activities, methodology of assessing and managing energy consumption and customization options
    • The Handbook for startups helps the trainer prepare the mentoring activity by giving a brief overview on startup terminology, the peculiarities of these businesses and the most efficient energy scenarios depending on the type of premise they are utilizing (home office, co-working space, rental office space).

In order to increase the efficiency of S2A actions, the Training Kit will be the main resource to be used by the participants during our trainings (to save paper, we recommend using the digital version!). They will be given to each SME and startup in order to help them track progress over time according to the SEE-CHECK-ACT methodology (see below).

START2ACT online tools were developed to make the transition towards a green office as seamless and easy as possible. All of the necessary resources are available at your fingertips on the START2ACT website. Engage your coworkers and make other companies or your own company a forerunner in sustainability!

*Sign up for our upcoming capacity building trainings and mentoring events! To  find out more about the consultancy provided by START2ACT, make sure to always check updates on the website!

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